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Nailpolish Remover

USLU Airlines

Nailpolish Remover

kr.125,00 kr.250,00

100 ml

uslu airlines introduces ‘BIO’, re-writing the book of nail polish removal. Finally, there is a water-based + gentle-by-concept nail polish remover that does not attack your nails or your skin and even smells nice.

Entirely different in approach, principle and technology, BIO’s German patented formula contains no solvent. You read it right: NO SOLVENT! No acetone, no ethyl acetate, no propylene carbonate,… no solvent at all. Period. In contrast, BIO’s base and dominant component is water, actually. Plain, clear, pure water.

uslu airlines’ BIO uses gnomeic abraders, essentially invisible miniature size cristals, to lift the polish off your nail. The process is more like a gentle peeling or exfoliation, rather than an aggressive dissolution. The action concept is physical, not chemical!

Destination: BIO - bilbao sondica, Spain ("30 seconds of patience...") from Uslu Airlines on Vimeo.


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