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Larsen & Eriksen

LARSEN & ERIKSEN spent two years on thoroughly designing and developing their first collection which they launched around
Christmas time in 2016. Thus, there is not a single detail or choice of material that the two designers haven’t drawn by hand and
adjusted to perfection.
Their first collection of watches is named after the Danish archbishop Absalon (1128 - 1201). In 1167, he founded the city of
Copenhagen and later on, many years after his death, he had an elementary school named after him. At this very school, Jeppe and
Magnus met in 3rd grade, and at that very moment, the story of LARSEN & ERIKSEN began.
The collection consists of 8 minimalist unisex watches based on two sizes - 41 mm and 37 mm - and all of the LARSEN & ERIKSEN
watches come with a reliable Swiss parts quartz (battery driven) movement produced by the renowned Swiss movement
manufacturer “Ronda” - hence the RONDA MVMT. at the bottom of the dial of the watches.
Due to an innovative “click-on/click-off” system, all of the LARSEN & ERIKSEN straps can easily be interchanged without the use of
any tools, which permits a total of 18 different style combinations. The straps are highly durable and come in either padded genuine
calf leather (black and brown) or stainless steel with a brushed finish.
Although the design of the watches is strongly inspired by the clean lines of the Danish design heritage, one might see obvious
references to the urban lifestyle of contemporary Copenhagen. Thus, the index lines running through the dial of the watch are
inspired by the spokes of a bicycle wheel and all of the straps have a small penny farthing engraved on the buckle. Furthermore, all
of the watches have a tribute to the architectural wonders of Copenhagen “hidden” on the caseback.

Improving the quality of life (for other people than just the ones wearing their watches) is a very centric part of LARSEN &
ERIKSEN’s universe. Thus, through their #BIKESFORAHAPPIERWORLD initiative, LARSEN & ERIKSEN is striving to enhance the
welfare of the underdeveloped parts of Western Africa.
In a collaboration with a Danish voluntary organization some of the more than 400.000 bikes that (per year!) normally go to waste
in Denmark are instead collected, restored and then distributed to the rural areas of Western Africa. Here, a bike - compared to
walking - makes a person able to travel 4 times further and carry 5 times more. In short, bikes increase access to education,
healthcare and economic opportunities - and they decrease the time it takes to get there. Remarkably.
Currently, the bikes are being distributed to farmers, doctors, teachers, moms, dads and children in Senegal and the Gambia - and
every time LARSEN & ERIKSEN sell a watch, they donate an inner tube to one of these amazing (bicycling) human beings.
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